Julie Petersen wins APR prize 2018

Our youngest associate Julie Petersen, who is also pursuing a PhD in criminal law at the University of Antwerp, won the annual APR prize with her dissertation ‘Towards new verbal expression crimes in the fight against terror?
This was written under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Joëlle Rozie.

Julie  was already nominated  in February 2019 as the second laureate of the Nullum Crimen prize 2018 with the same dissertation.
In 2018 she was also awarded the Prize of the Order of Lawyers in Antwerp.

Congratulations Julie !

APR price
The non-profit organisation General Practical Legal Collection wants to encourage students at the Flemish law faculties to write high-quality dissertations. To this end, the APR awards an annual prize for each university for the best legal dissertation in the context of the Master’s thesis.

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