Register for a training session on business criminal law in December!

Business criminal law : latest legislation and jurisprudence.  Interested?
Register to one of the training sessions on December 8.

Are you an attorney, a magistrate, a company lawyer, an accountant, a compliance officer, a board or management committee member?
You want to update your knowledge on the business criminal liabilities companies and their leaders are facing today?

Two practice and expert lawyers,  Prof. dr. Joachim Meese et Mtre Patrick Waeterinckx, will show you the ropes by explaining the latest legislation and jurisprudence.

Every participant will also be offered a free copy of the book ‘Ondernemingsstrafrecht – capita selecta aan de hand van recente rechtspraak (2020)’ (worth € 45) of Mtre Patrick Waeterinckx.

The sessions are organised in Dutch by Intersentia, in cooperation with Legal News.

  • Venue : Wilrijk (Salons Van Edel)
  • Date : Tuesday December 8, 2020 (morning and afternoon sessions)
    All required social distancing and other measures to contain COVID will be strictly applied, in order for you to be able to participate safely and comfortably.

Discover the program and register for one or both sessions through this link

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