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We pride ourselves on our extensive, specialist knowledge of all aspects of Belgian criminal business law, which we continually hone in terms of both legal expertise and industry knowledge. This continuous improvement comes from our casework, academic studies and professional education activities, contributions to scientific literature, and training courses. Where necessary, we call in experts from other legal and non-legal domains to work together on a case.
We take complexity and turn it into fair, practical advice and recommendations. If you are taken to court, you can rely on us to provide potent, pragmatic legal assistance.
Not only are we passionate about law, we are inquisitive about the context, and what products or services our clients provide.
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managing a criminal liability risk CLEARLY CALLS FOR MORE expertise thAn the traditional type of assistance once a dispute has arisen.
Depth of knowledge, fair risk analysis and speaking plainly

We constantly aim to set ourselves apart
from the competition by three key means.

depth of knowledge
We already are subject matter specialists, and we do not just want to expand our knowledge of the law, we also want to explore your situation, context, products and services.
fair risk analysis
Our thorough knowledge enables us to give you a fair assessment of what is likely to happen. We call a spade a spade.
speaking plainly
We translate complexity into plain language, so that our clients can take decisions that are based on information they have been able to digest.
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Your concern is our priority