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Business criminal law is part and parcel of doing business nowadays, both in the public and the private sectors. Criminal law is a prominent business risk. Business criminal liability can be at stake from two perspectives : fraud at the one hand, and negligence (lack of precaution and prudence), on the other hand.

We provide real specialisation when it comes to criminal business law.

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Our team helps companies, organisations and their managers to deal with criminal liability risks, and assists them if they become embroiled in a criminal case, whether in Belgium or abroad.

The news is never short of cases illustrating the risk that companies, organisations and their managers face if they or their staff fail to abide by the law.

And yet, some managers are still surprised to find themselves actually facing criminal prosecution. This is particularly the case where those criminal proceedings arise from breaches of the law which were committed without the company having been aware of the breach, let alone any intent to break the law. Likewise, managers are often amazed to find that they are held personally liable when it was their staff who committed the acts in question.

Moreover, companies and organisations regularly fall victim to crime, more specifically fraud of all kinds on- and offline. In these cases, the key issue is not so much containing and repairing the damage sustained but rather adjusting risk management strategies to prevent future incidents.

All this calls for a knowledgeable approach to take the worries off your hands, so that your company or organisation can keep focusing on its core business.

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